Listener Testimonials

Reverend Brady:

Hello from Accra, Ghana.  My family enjoys both of your programs.  The Country Gospel program is on Sunday mornings.  Then, our local station plays your ‘Sonrise Radio‘ program every Sunday evening.  Your Bible readings, your short sermons, and your wonderful music are perfectly balanced.

I assume that your shows are pre-recorded, but my children think that you are ‘live’ on the radio here in Ghana.  They want me to invite you to come to visit our Church.  We tell all our friends at church to listen to both of your shows on the radio because you and the music both unpack the truth about our Jesus.

Many blessings

Kojo Kumasi and family

Dear Pastor Ed,

My wife unexpectedly passed away last week.

Together, the two of us never missed a Sunday morning ‘Country Gospel‘ with you, and I wanted to let you know just how much your radio ministry meant to both of us. What a blessing it is.   Even though I can’t see clearly through my grief over my wife’s death, and to know that while he isn’t she on this earth, it brings me peace to know that he is with our Father and Jesus in heaven. I’ve heard many mini-sermons about heaven in your show. Those are very comforting.  Thank you for bringing real ministry to my wife and me weekly through ‘Country Gospel‘ radio.

Bless you for all that you do.

Kathy’s loving husband, Terry

Hi Pastor Ed,

I love your wonderful ‘Country Gospel‘ program every Sunday morning!  I’m glad that the radio station extended your show to three hours!

I get to listen to you from 8:30 to 9, and again from 10 to 11 AM.  In fact, many of my friends at church listen before and after Worship as they drive (ever since you came to our church to preach last year).  Great sermon, by the way.

I love the way that you talk about Mrs. Brady on the radio with so much honor and respect, and especially love the way you talk about Jesus.

Your explanations of the Bible make it easier for me to understand how to apply the Bible to my life.  Your ‘Country Gospel’ program is really great and week after week I never miss the show!

I pray for you.

Ruthanne Durham

Hello Pastor Ed,

I’m a young man living in Africa and working in Accra, Ghana and when politics, arguments and lies have taken over our radio stations, I always take solace from the your radio program, “Sonrise with Pastor Ed” on Spring FM, here in Ghana.  Your shows are ‘light’ in a ‘dark’ world. Thank you.

Sometimes, whilst driving to work, I feel the holy, awesome presence of God all around me through the carefully chosen songs you play.  In fact, that makes me feel very loved and appreciated.  Your “Country Gospel” show is so awesome on the radio. All my friends listen. God bless you, Pastor Ed, for your radio ministry.

Stay blessed

Kwesi, in Accra, Ghana, Africa

Dear Pastor Ed, 

I pray you will remain bold and steadfast in your relationship with our Lord who is using you and your radio programs as an outreach to bless our entire family!  Our whole family listens to “Country Gospel.”  I just want to say ‘Thank You’ for a great program!  I love how you sprinkle in your wisdom that you learned in seminary and God’s Wisdom from the Bible. It makes me think even more about how I live my life.

We listen to your program on our way to church. Some Sundays we listen when we are at home making our big Sunday family breakfast.  Keep up the good work on the radio!

God Bless YOU and YOUR family,                   

Alice Winters

Dear Pastor Ed,

I’m a very loyal ‘Country Gospel fan and love your radio show.

I’m glad that they added more time,  8:30 to 11 am.  Many of my friends listen on the way to church every week!

My brother is a Paramedic who works on Sundays, so your show is his ‘Church’ for him, and you are his Pastor. The music, topics, and Bible readings are very inspiring! 

My other brother lives in California.  Is there a way that he can hear your radio show on the Internet, please?

You said that we could ask you for prayer, right?  Could you include my mother, Mary, in your prayers?  

God bless you,

Georgia Mathison

Pastor Ed,

Your Country Gospel show energizes both my wife and me spiritually every Sunday morning.  I plead with you to extend the Sunday Country Gospel hours another 30-or-60 minutes. 

We appreciate the variety of music played and your straight-forward, bold, non-apologetic approach to sharing the Gospel with love, without compromise.  I’m sure your program is reaching many people through the music, your words of comfort, healing, peace, mercy, encouragement, and your frequent sincere invitations to accept Jesus in your programs. Thank you. God bless you.


Chuck & Peg Brown

Pastor Ed Brady,

I drive cab every morning, including Sundays, so I cannot attend regular church.  Therefore, you are my pastor and ‘Country Gospel‘ is my church!

Every Sunday at 8:30 AM I set an alarm on my phone so that I don’t miss a minute of your wonderful show.  God must help you select the songs, because you mix the new Country singers (like Brad Paisley and Keith Urban) with the traditional singers (like Willie Nelson, and Johnny Cash).

While I drive my fares in my cab, they always say that they really love the radio stations that I play.  Of course that radio station is you and “Country Gospel.”

Thanks for reminding us over and over that Jesus loves us very much.

Carl the “Cabby”