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Who is Jesus? – This GP program #047 is a brief 5-minute sermon on the Spiritual question of Who is Jesus… to you?  As Christians (Christ followers), we must put Jesus first in our lives, in every day and night.  Most people only think of Jesus on Sunday mornings.  Without Jesus, our sins cannot be forgiven.  He died on the Cross for us.  A ranking that works for us is 1. Jesus, 2, Spouse, 3. Children and 4 Other… but most of us spend most of our time on other, right?  If you know Jesus – and not just know about Jesus – then you will know the Father as well.  Accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and after this life you’ll go to a different ‘Judgment’ than sinners do.  Speak to Jesus continuously throughout each day, okay?  Pastor Ed Brady

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