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Christ’s Return – This GP program #014 is a brief 5-minute sermon on the Spiritual need to get ready for Christ to return to earth.  Even though Jesus has not returned in over 2,000 years many theologians believe that He will return for our Final Judgment very soon (based on the signs that are currently happening on earth).  Ignore the ‘scoffers’ and live as devoted followers of Christ (See 2nd Peter 3:3-9) as if He could return today, but work building up God’s Kingdom as if Jesus is not returning for many more years.  Christ’s delayed return is to give us more time to enjoy God’s love and mercy.  However, God is going to tell His Son, Jesus, to come back on a day that we cannot know.  Be ready to be ‘judged’ when Christ returns, and ‘be ready’ every day, please.  For born-again Christians the good news is that we will not be judged by our own goodness or righteousness… we will be judged by the sinless righteousness of Jesus Christ.   Pastor Ed Brady

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