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Heaven and Suicide – This GP program #008 is a brief 5-minute sermon on the Spiritual need to get to heaven and avoid suicide.  First, the only way to our Father God in heaven is Jesus Christ, our Lord.  (See John 14:1-6.)   Believe the fact by faith, please.  The reason that we want to avoid suicide is not because suicide automatically sends our soul to hell.  It is because God has a plan for our lives and we want to live the full number of our years to complete His plan, understand?  If we need to live 80-years to complete God’s plan for our lives, but we kill ourselves at age 40, we wouldn’t be able to complete the plan that God had when He created us in our mother’s womb.  Another reason not to commit suicide is that it is a horrible thing to do to our family.  It also ruins the legacy of our lives.  When a person commits suicide, people forget the thousands of wonderful things that we did in our lives and they remember that one last devastating act.  My prayer on this topic is: “Lord, I want to live as long as You want me to live to complete Your plans for my life.”  Pastor Ed Brady

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